Hayden Maltese, The Love Story behind Junkhead

How it Works:

1: Listen to the Artist Interview
2: Pause and play as you go, pull quotes that resonate with your story into your journal.
3: Journal 15-60 minutes without interruption.

Hayden Maltese

The Love Story behind Junkhead

About Hayden Maltese

Hayden Maltese is a visual artist. His installation, “Junkhead” captures deeply personal themes such as; drug use, relationships, mental illness, and social commentary. Through mixed media, Hayden creates a distinct tone through intoxicating and provocative imagery.

Hayden’s dark imagery began with his father leaving the family for his mistress. So, Hayden used art to explore the idea of the temptress. Because of this, he was able to compartmentalize the pain and confusion brought on by his father’s choices. Likewise, Hayden uses art to venture into why he romanticizes substance abuse. At his core, Hayden believes art lies within us all. He also sees art as a tool for examination of the self.

“Do what your heart tells you, man. You know if I didn’t have art, I wouldn’t be doing anything else right now…if I didn’t have art, I might not be here.”

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Producer/Interviewer & Editor/Camera/Sound Engineer: Jenna Roscoe

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