Kiyoshi Shelton, The Love Story “Behind I am the light”

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Kiyoshi Shelton’s

The Love Story behind “I Am the Light”

About Kiyoshi Shelton

Kiyoshi Shelton is a conscious hip-hop artist who has gone through his share of breakups. In this interview, he chooses the “light” path of moving on.

“…Calling friends up, my brothers, you know, old mentors I looked up to, telling them how I felt and [asking them] what they went through to go through it…you just got to stay busy. I danced, did yoga, worked out, wrote music, wrote songs….” -Kiyoshi Shelton.


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Producer: Mingjie Zhai; Cameras: Jeredon O’ Conner, Arin Degroff, and Jesse Rivas. Photographer: Arin Degroff; Production Assistant: Alysta Lim.

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