Jane Holiday behind “I Don’t Want to Dance”

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Jane Holiday

The Love Story behind I Don’t Want to Dance”

Meet Jane Holiday

Up-and-coming musician, Jane Holiday briefly shares advice to aspiring listeners. While not much is known about Jane, he let’s us in on his feelings behind “We don’t wanna dance.” Due to an infatuation with Morrissey, Jane admits attachment to “anti-lyrics.” Thus his song saying they don’t want to dance, while the music itself entices movement.

Furthermore, Jane speaks on depression and anxiety. Because of a depressive episode, Jane spent months in the studio writing songs he has no intention of sharing. Likewise, he says through his music, depression affect him less than before.  In fact, he says by creating good music he feels better about himself.

“My whole mantra…’be who you wanna be, do not let anyone else influence that..'”

Producer/Interviewer & Editor/Camera/Sound Engineer: Madison Richeson

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