Behind Lief Therapeutics

“I have no outlet, I have no control over it. When it comes on, there’s no way to escape it. It’s just like a train that’s just flying at you, and you just freeze and then you just get picked up, get overwhelmed, and just suffer through it. So that’s one aspect. That’s the really debilitating aspect.” -Nathaniel Wolfe, Co-Founder of Lief Therapeutics

“So a lot of what the Zenso represents is this idea of training. Let’s just work on better breathing throughout the day, let’s do it at random times, let’s do it for a few minutes at a time, let’s do it right now.”–Nathanael Wolfe, Co-Founder of Zenso.

Credits: Interviewer & Editor: Mingjie Zhai; Camera: Sandy Leung 

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