Matt Milano, The Love Story behind Matt Milano Art

Matt Milano

The Love Story behind Matt Milano Art

About Matt Milano

Matt Milano is a visual artist of Milano Art and Clothing. Based in northern California, Milano does live paintings and teaches the craft of live painting.
“It started to build up, and it got to a very dark place….it got to a point where it boiled over, and I was on my bike ride, and I rode over to the bridge, and I got off my bike, and I looked down, and I was this close to jumping over the edge, and I got a phone call from a buddy of mine that just simply said, ‘Wassup man, you want to come hang out? I was just thinking about you.’ And that phone call, I tell him to this day, that phone call probably saved my life.” -Matt Milano

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Credits: Interviewer & Editor: Mingjie Zhai; Camera: Sandy Leung; Music: “Better Days” by Ben Sound

Transform Heartbreak into a Love Story 

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The Love Story Playbook: The Mystery of Love is Revealed in 3 Acts.

1 Corinthians 13:12 NIV

Act I: For Now We See A Reflection as in a Mirror

Act II: …Then We Shall See Face to Face…

Act III: …For Now I Know in Part, Then I Shall Know Fully, Even as I am Fully Known.

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