Kandee Lewis, The Love Story behind The Positive Results Corporation

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Kandee Lewis

The Love Story behind The Positive Results Corporation

Meet Kandee Lewis

Executive Director of The Positive Results Corporation, Kandee Lewis, shares how leaving corporate America lead to directing social impact. Through education, and awareness, PRC aims to reduce domestic violence, bullying, and sexual assaults. However, it took Kandee fighting chronic depression to get there. As a result, she felt driven to leave Corporate America.

“I was so lost that I had no idea who I was…as I thought and prayed and cried and I started journaling because I found myself in this circle, this constant battle…I started journaling to see what was really going on and give myself direction. ”

Finally, she decided to volunteer with other non-profits. Discovering various missions, Kandee found she wanted PRC to guide future leaders and thinkers to see their own potential. While we might see your ability, sometimes you can’t. Sometimes the mess is too loud to see through. So, PRC aims to clear it up and teach signs of trauma and abuse. Overall, Kandee hopes people learn you are NOT the violence and abuse you came from.


Listen to the full interview to hear about PRC’s project with Animo Watts Charter School. 




Producer, interviewer, videographer, and editor: Mingjie Zhai

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