Taura Stinson behind “100 Things Every Black Girl Should Know”
Taura Stinson, songwriter, poet, and author, reveals how writing a book from a place of truth is both frightening and much needed for the soul. The book is written for black women, younger or older, to discover life’s lessons.

#KnowledgeisPower #WomenEmpowerment #BlackWomenEmpowerment

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Producer/Interviewer/Editor: Mingjie Zhai;

Camera: Moses Hill & MJ

Special Thanks to: Echoing Soundz


Your 15 Minute Journaling Session:
Directions: Watch the video and choose 2 ways of journaling inspiration:
A) Pull a quote from something Taura has said in the interview that stands out to you.
B) Watch the entire interview and at the end of the interview, there is a journaling prompt for you to answer.

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