Taura Stinson behind “100 Things Every Black Girl Should Know”
Taura Stinson, songwriter, poet, and author, reveals how writing a book from a place of truth is both frightening and much needed for the soul. The book is written for black women, younger or older, to discover life’s lessons.

“Writing for me is always about truth, and I didn’t want to tell my truth.”- Taura Stinson

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Producer/Interviewer/Editor: Mingjie Zhai;

Camera: Moses Hill & MJ

Special Thanks to: Echoing Soundz

Where you ever afraid to tell you truth in writing? Why or why not?

Three ways of Reflecting:

A) Write down what the artist said that you can relate to and start journaling.

B) Respond to the Journaling Prompt at the end of the interview.

C) Respond to the artist quote that we have chosen for each interview.

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