You Love Life Podcast Roman Wyden interviews The Love Effect film director Drue Metz  about intimacy among men and mental wellness, about brotherhood bonding, and love.

Roman: What is strength?

Drue: “Just Courage. Because you don’t need to be powerful to be strong. You just have to have courage. A person who is powerful can only go so far if they don’t have courage.”

Roman: What is real power?

Drue: “Real power is the ability to change something or someone, but the greatest power is indeed love.”


“THE LOVE EFFECT”, episode #26 is now on iTunes & Google Play Music.

This episode is part 2 of the ‘on-location’ recording with filmmaker Drew Metz of the film ‘The Love Effect’, a story of two men who are struggling with depression and suicide. The unexpected friendship that they form helps them to rediscover life’s greatest gift and it’s powerful effect.

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Producer: MJ and Roman Wyden; Film and Editing by Drue Metz

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