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The Love Story is one of the first interactive journals in the world to address heartbreak through multimedia journaling. We believe that while coping with the pain of grief and loss, one can discover the inner artist in ourselves. We have featured 40 artists who have not only gone through loss, but who have also given their authentic, raw, and honest pain to passion testimonies. “Break Your Heart Open” focuses on the painful moments of heartbreak and “The Art of Transformation” focuses on how to transform that pain into creative expression.

The Love Story Hardcover journal is dual-titled (“Break Your Heart Open” and “The Art of Transformation”) and contains 80 video interviews of 40 artists sharing story, with 80 journaling prompts designed to inspire catharsis, and 330+ beautifully illustrated pages for you to sketch, draw, paint, write, and create from.

Break Your Heart Open (softcover)

The Love Story Journal (Hardcover)

The Art of Transformation (softcover)

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What's Inside?

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What's Inside?