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Chairman: Mingjie Zhai

Vice Chairman: Mel Novak

Board Secretary: Wade Chao

Board of Advisors

Sam Zaribian: Co-Founder of Live Portrait and the Business Development, and one of the first visionary entrepreneurs in applying augmented reality technology for The Love Story Journal. Sam will bring insight and expertise in Augmented Reality applications in conjunction with our stories.

The Love Story Creatives
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I am passionate about creating, learning, and growing. It is my purpose to make new and beautiful things out of the ordinary parts of life. I am a graphic designer and illustrator.

Visual Designer

Chiao En Huang – Visual Designer Art/Speciality Coffee/Athlete >About< I began as an artist of fine arts but then I had the chance to learn a subject called graphic design which blends my fine art talent into a digital world. Currently, I’m a freelance visual designer that is currently focused on editorial and illustration design.…

Graphic Designer

Hi! I’m Sarah and I’m the graphic designer lucky enough to be working on The Love Story’s journal volume 3. I grew up on the east coast but I currently reside in the Austin area of Texas! My passion in life is to create art through all of it’s outlets, whether it be design, illustration, writing, or…

Founder and Producer

“The ultimate love story is the journey for humanity to discover, recognize, and reciprocate the love for the constant in all of us—God.” 1 Corinthians 13:12-13:13 CEB For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall know just as I also am known.…

Associate Producer and Multimedia Storyteller

“When you dedicate your mind and spirit to a cause which inflicts happiness on the human emotional state.”

Web Support

“It is the struggle itself that is most important. We must strive to be more than we are. It does not matter that we will not reach our ultimate goal. The effort itself yields its own reward.”

Board Secretary Associate Producer

“Falling with no fear. It is two people on different journeys, and reaching the same destination. It’s the person that keeps you awake, because life is better than dreams.”-Wade Chao

Past Contributors


My passion is connecting people to other people who can help them. I love community, connection, and discovering the gifts of those around me. I feel my purpose is to foster presence, acceptance, and a joy in living, and as such, I work as a freelancer in content and marketing strategy for creative workers who…

Board of Advisors for Board Sourcing

I am a coach, a consultant, and a life-long learner. I am interested in anthropology, personal stories, and music. I studied and played jazz for a few years. Then I trained and developed leaders in health-care. Now I research, coach and work with individuals and teams around the habits, practices, and values that make leaders awesome. I…

Grant Writer

My name is Sarah Zhang and I am currently a junior attending Wellesley College majoring in English and minoring in Economics. I was born and live near the Boston area, and you never really get used to the cold. I am passionate about reading and writing creatively and I am also part of the Odyssey…

Ninasophia  is currently a full-time college student studying English and Creative Writing at California Baptist University in Riverside, California. She is an Assistant Editor for her school newspaper and an active member in the Creative Writing Club on campus. She enjoys writing different genres including fiction short stories, poetry, and journaling. She also enjoys spending time…

Brand Strategist

WHAT THE LOVE STORY IS TO ME: The Love Story is about embracing our authentic selves.  It revolves around a network of talented artists from all walks of life. Each with their unique story in tow and able to connect to a unique individual.  TLS, is an excellent resource for anyone who is ready to…

Video Production: "The Life Healer" Journalist: "Holding Grief"

“Emotional tragedy is one of the hardest experiences to survive but it is possible, so there is hope.”

David Pingree

Contributing writer "Irreverent Warriors"

The Love Story is a shelter from the storm, an inspirational quote, a friendly stranger, a cup of coffee, warm pajama bottoms, a cold beer. The Love Story is—

Contributing Writer "The Art of Light"

The ultimate definition is love that transcends our reflections of each other.

Contributing Writers and Interviewers: "Weapons of Mass Construction" and "The Affirmation"

“When we learn to love someone as much as we love ourselves.”

Interviewer "Redamancy"

The ultimate love story is one of pure, unconditional, egoless love, as deep and stable as it is passionate.  A love that is as rooted in spirit as it is in flesh, a true meeting of the minds which expresses through shared empathy, mutual generosity, and unshakeable support.  This love expands the couple as individuals,…

Contributing Writer "The Future's Past"

“Love Story (n): Thought by some to be reserved solely for fiction, this is something that occurs when two people have chemistry and compatibility and are willing to take the relationship as far as it will go, and solve problems through understanding, empathy, and communication. See also: myth, legend, fairy tale, unicorn.”

Contributing Writer & Interviewer "In the Fire"

The Love Story means to me being able to open your heart even when its been broken, cracked into a million little pieces and held together by the tears cried every night.  Creating the possibility of love by speaking words of love then stepping into a space of LOVE and in that moment BEcoming Love.

Contributing Writer & Interviewer "The New Narrative"

  “When you meet someone who’s almost exactly the opposite from you. But even though day and night, you both want to learn about each other. You stop caring about how different you are and accept the way they are. Then life feels beautiful. Of course, you fight and bicker and make petty remarks. You…

Contributing Writer and Interviewer "I Keep on Falling"

“The ultimate love story is the one I have with myself. With every experience and relationship that I go through, I learn something about myself and I come closer to finding my own unique path to happiness.”

Contributing Writer "Redamancy"

“I’ve been to Hollywood I’ve been to Redwood I crossed the ocean for a heart of gold” -Neil Young  

Contributing Writer "Wolf Cry" "Healing" "Music Therapy" Contributing Writer and Interviewer "In the Moment"

[aesop_video width=”85″ align=”center” src=”vimeo” id=”164534822″ loop=”on” autoplay=”on” controls=”on” viewstart=”on” viewend=”on”] “The ultimate love story is the one you have with life itself. It’s an accumulation of the mass and density of yesterday, the abyss of tomorrow and the strength to stand today to face it all.”

Contributing Writer "The One Who Got Away"

“The ultimate love story is one that touches on all aspects of emotion and the human element, from pain to perserverance, loss to gain, love, passion, sex, joy, etc. The ultimate love story consist of every experience a couple could share, as it makes that story rich.”

Contributing Writer & Interviewer "The Redemption"

“I believe the Ultimate Love Story begins with compassion. That’s how we uplift and inspire each other and through that grow in grace, understanding, kindness, and selflessness. That’s how we connect with humanity, challenge injustice, and strive for peace. Compassion is the birthplace of love and through that love we give life meaning.” [aesop_video width=”85″…

Contributing Writer "Holding Grief"

The greatest love story in any life is that unexpected event that turns out to be your one true love that you cannot love without. It can happen to anyone at any time, and I know that for me it didn’t have to be romantic. As a very young woman I found out surprisingly that…

Contributing Writer "The Color of Breath"

“Love finds you wherever you are, sad, happy, or in-between universes. Your experience with loss often sets you on a highway to discovery without a roadmap or a working GPS. It’s all about the journey and The Love Story celebrates this.”

Contributing Writer and Interviewer "Wings"

“The Love Story is something that you onto tightly to keep from drifting away. Life seems that much more surreal, and you get that feeling in your stomach like the world has dropped out from beneath your feet. It is the blank page you haven’t written yet because you are too afraid to mess up…

Series "Let There Be Light" Editor

“The ultimate love story is tragic and triumphant, simultaneously and continually. It’s that type of comedy that pulls at the heart and manages a few tearful life lessons. It doesn’t make sense half the time (which is evident in my response hah!), but it’s worth every beautiful and twisted moment. Sometimes the best love story…

Associate Producer

I’m a 3rd year film student at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY. I’m from Fairport, NY and I will be graduating in May 2018. My passion is filmmaking in every aspect, but I specifically love writing, directing and editing. I have made a short experimental documentary called The Astronaut and a short narrative…

Documentary Director

The work she’s created thus far has dealt with identity, healthcare, environmental issues, and an array of general event and documentary coverage.

Edgar Liquidano

"Behind SoulScape Journey" "Behind Vetality Corp."

“The Love Story is a story of your life–not falling but rising in love with yourself. It’s a story of your journey from the deepest lows to your most ascendant highs. It’s about how you got to find yourself and your path. As you are constantly evolving so is your story. The Love Story is…

"Behind All Your Heart"

The definition of a love story is finding yourself in all forms of life, and pursuing those that push you to become better and try harder everyday.

Contributing Video Editor "Imperfect"

“My ultimate definition of The Love Story is finding the right person at the right time. Because chemistry is the easiest thing, but timing is a bitch.”

Contributing Video Editor "The Pact"

The past is a just a story we tell ourself.

Contributing Director and Editor "I keep on Falling" ; Videographer of "The Future's in the Past," "Imperfect Case"

“My ultimate definition of The Love Story is to love and support unconditionally to the point of where you create comfort in the lives of others. There’s nothing better than to have peace of mind.”

Contributing Director and Editor "The Affirmation"; Videographer "The Future's Past" Editor "The Light Within"

“Love is undefined, it’s random, and surprising. There is no set “definition” to what love is and what stories it can produce.”

Director and Editor "Wait a Minute"; Videographer "I Keep on Falling"

“Love is Unity”

Product designer

I am passionate about psychology. With my inherent fascination for human behavior and my desire to conquer complex challenges, I strive to create enjoyable digital products that address the users’ needs and aspirations. My purpose is to understand myself and to be empathetic towards others. As well as to create opportunities for myself and those…

Project Manager

A hands-on Product Manager, I’m an adherent of the Jobsian technology-liberal arts intersection philosophy, data-driven decision-making, and UX simplicity. I enjoy opportunities leveraging my experience to drive positive change.  

Product Manager

UX Designer

Purpose I believe we’re all in this life for a purpose which is to leave the world better than we found it, and add value to those around us. Help yourself first and then give a hand to others. To me, changing one person’s life is equal to changing the world! Passion Passionate about becoming…

Full Stack Developer

I am Shobha. I worked as a full stack developer in India. I always wanted to help people in some or other way.I do volunteer at salt lake community college helping the  refugee students with the web development. I like volunteer work .I really liked the purpose of love story And want to help with…

UI/UX Designer

About Me:
HI I am Padma a UI/UX designer with graphic design background passionate to create visually catching interfaces based on user experience. I like to create eye catching and functional interfaces by driving user attention and solving their problems. 

Passion: My passion has always been helping people and making their lives easier! I have always loved the psychology of the way people think and do things. Luckily, I have been able to turn my passion into my profession! Purpose: I really hope to create products that help people and make a difference to people’s…

Graphic Designer (Volume 2)

Passion: Painting, Design, Photography Pursuit: With time and patience, I hope to grow peace and joy within myself each day.

Strategy Assistant

David’s passion for technology stems from an early age and lead him to receive a degree in Computer Science from Texas Wesleyan University and a Law Degree from Whittier Law School. David also has a passion for the arts, and dabbles in a variety of mediums including, poetry, film, and 3D design. His purpose for…

Event Producer "The Butterfly Effect"

She leaves on her epic journey August of 2017. She plans to continue to use her Spoken Word piece and artistic endeavors to be the voice for those who can’t speak up and to continue to empower those around her who have gone through similar pains and traumas.


Lorna Alkana mixes language and line drawings into interactive installations, digital art, paintings, and poetry.  Her art explores themes of perception and expectation through surreal portraits and saturated skylines.  Community, found-story, asymmetry, identity, and memory influence her work. Lorna developed a love for genre bending collaboration while studying Creative Writing in high school at the…

Social Cause Publicist

I’m just a kid with hope. I firmly believe that what’s more important than just having a job is having a mission. The Love Story is a chance for everyone involved in it. Finding inspiration in pain means growing up.

Lead Event Producer

The Love Story is the silence when everything around you seems too loud. The freedom to feel honestly and to heal on your own terms. Hope. Resilience. Survival. Love.

Graphics Designer

To me, The Love Story is about confronting your emotions and moving forward a happier and better person. Love and loss is not win or lose, but yin and yang.

Social Cause Marketing and Sales

Your beings are in sync, your mind is lost, you lose track of the world and everything goes black. Bliss.


“I believe that the ultimate love story is letting go of our darkness, embracing ourselves as we are and filling our hearts with love for life. Once we do, the impact will be so powerful it will not only affect us but everything around us.”


My ultimate definition of The Love Story is ”Letting go of your self-ego and accepting yourself as a whole, is  to begin a whole new chapter waiting to unfold through self-realisation.”

Jessie Alter


“The ultimate love story is something electric, all-consuming, intangible, mind-blowing. It is the magic connection that forms in the seemingly empty air between two bodies. Happening in an instant or over years of cultivating friendship; it has the ability to heal old wounds, fill voids we never knew were there and open our minds-eye to…


Associate Producer & Multimedia Storyteller

“The Love Story means being vulnerable and opening up about your pain so that in turn, someone else who is struggling may be inspired by your light and ability to let go. It is a story of compassion, strength, bravery and utmost love–love for the self, love for others, love for humankind.” -Monica

Video Editor "Behind The Insight Ninja" "Behind the Preacher"

“It’s the ability to trust and the passion for life. It may tear our heart apart, but it could also stimulate our imagination toward life.”

Video Production: "The Life Healer" Journalist: "Holding Grief"

“Emotional tragedy is one of the hardest experiences to survive but it is possible, so there is hope.”

Interviewer "Irreverent"

My ultimate definition of love has to be, when any person has the capacity to let go of all negative and malevolent thought. Making the soul heal and find true love within. With the new found love, not only will one be truly happy, but be happy even when the heart is breaking. It takes…

Production Assistant "The Future's in the Past" "The Color of Breath"

“…is more than a few sentences. It’s constant efforts that feel effortless because your significant other is worth it. It’s having the ability to feel loved without having to show affection, & knowing that someone makes you want to be a better person.

Photographer "Wolf Cry" Series 2 "The Healer Within"

Feature Photographer "The Light Within the Dream" and Series 1 "Let There be Light"

“A meeting place where we can come together to support each other in our shared need for love and wholeness.”