We are a non-profit new media digital and print publisher that inspires the broken hearted to transform their pain into passion.

There are two paths for the broken hearted–self-destruction or self-expression. The choice has always been ours. We are all artists at heart. In the act of creating art to express our grief, we are able to transform self-destruction into self-expression. Explore and discover your inner artist.

You may be lost, be you are not alone.

We, too, have loved and lost. We interview people who have transformed their pain into passion so you may discover the value of your journey. Though the path may be lonely at times, we all have walked it (or will walk it) at some point in time. We can walk the path of the broken heart alone and together at the same time. Get lost so you may discover who you are.

Nothing is Wrong with You

We view emotions like depression, anxiety, despair, etc. as tempering the sword of our spirit for personal and spiritual growth, a catalyst for personal transformation. Our pain is as an opportunity to discover compassion, beauty, empathy, and more. We provide Artist-Inspired Story Journaling resources so you may explore and discover your inner artist. You are perfect in your process, even when that process seems at times unbearable and pointless.

Break your Heart Open

There is a point to heartbreak, though you may not see it while breaking. We encourage you to keep breaking your heart until it opens so you may find the courage to express yourself. We provide interactive artist-inspired journals to hold space, make time, and give permission for you to process your grief, pain, and loss into a creative expression. Transform your love loss into a love story.

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Welcome to the Love Story Family!

We, too, have loved and lost….

Nick Terranova behind Starkillers

“My Music, the drive has come from not having, or losing. Wanting to strive for something better, wanting to thrive instead of just survive….having so many negative things happen, but being able to keep such a positive outlook.” -Nick Terranova

Andrea Saenz behind Dolce Ardor

“I saw Tool in ’01. I’ll never forget. It was a day a lot of things shifted for me. I went through a deep deep spiritual experience. I cried for about two hours during their show.”- Andrea Saenz

Indigo River Behind “Let Go”

“I realize that I am fully living my dreams. It just didn’t look like how I thought it would when I was five years old, so it’s letting go of what my life should look like for me to be “successful.” -Larisa Gosla

Kera Armandariz Behind “Snakes”

“If it’s a song where I can put myself in the moment, or like, allow myself to open up to people while playing, really looking into the eyes of everyone and just, like, exposing myself, it’s wonderful. It really is. I feel that we’re connected at that moment. I just do what’s genuine for me and if it catches with one person, great. I have had people tell me that it’s helped them. It’s wonderful to hear. I don’t care about money. Because…that’s what this world needs.” -Kera Armendariz

Lucas David Behind “People Are Strange”

“I think art saves lives because…it’s like when you say, ‘Oh, I love air,’ when you go out. For example, when you are hot in here and you go outside, the air is amazing and cold. I think it’s something like that…it’s just a way of distracting yourself and giving your life a purpose.” -Lucas David

Larisa Gosla Behind “A Place Called Home”

“That’s where the song came from… Everything that I experienced and saying, ‘I know what it is to suffer and I know what it is to love, and at the end of the day, I’m so grateful for everything because there is love’ and you know, when we lose love, it’s always worth it because of the experiences we gain from it.”-Larisa Gosla

Krista Richards Behind Broken

“…I remember being in the shower and falling to the floor, sobbing, crying. My heart was being ripped out of my chest. I just knew that he was with somebody else. Something had happened, and sure enough, when he came back from his trip, he told me that he had fallen in love.” -Krista Richards.

Kiyoshi Shelton Behind “I Am the Light”

“…Calling friends up, my brothers, you know, old mentors I looked up to, telling them how I felt and [asking them] what they went through to go through it…you just got to stay busy. I danced, did yoga, worked out, wrote music, wrong songs….” -Kiyoshi Shelton.

Rohan Dixit Behind Zenso

“I think a lot of stuff in life starts from suffering, it starts from pain and loss, and for me, that was very true. So, as a kid, I found that life was really empty…”-Rohan Dixit, Co-Founder of Zenso

Ras Kass behind Soul on Ice

“The content the people are looking for, especially the majors, is anything with an emphasis on stupidity, sex, violence. That is not my angle. It is harder to sell them on common sense and re-think our society as a whole.”-Ras Kass

Jesse Amadeus Behind L’Wolf

“You can’t speak it, you can’t project it upon other people, you can’t be like, ‘You should do this, you should change that way.'”-Jesse Amadeus.

Bosque Hrbek Behind Symbiosis

“While I was traveling around the world, and meeting lots of different people who [have] completely different styles, completely different tastes in everything, but there’s a common thread of… how people care about the planet, people care about each other…and see how those cultures or those counter cultures, work together symbiotically, and that’s where the name came from.”-Bosque HrBek

Hennessy Behind “The Letter”

“I want to help people know that you can do what you want. That’s what my songs are mostly about. I want to teach kids, ‘You can do what you want to do.’ You just have to push yourself to do it. You can get the job, you can enjoy your life. That’s what my music is about.” –Hennessy.

Peter Harper Behind “Winter Wonderland”

“I can take that experience and feel like I was cheated of a father because he was never around – it’s a path that exists. Or I can say, here’s a guy who lived his life and had a profound impact on the people that he interacted with and is now gone of his own decision. Whether the alcohol controlled that, or didn’t control that, whether he had a say, or didn’t have a say, it’s not really my place to say. Those were his choices.”- Peter Harper

Martin Dunkerton Behind LovEarth

“I saw how nature worked. Nature is infinite. Everything is reciprocal. Everything evolves together. Everything cross pollinates. Nothing is stagnant. If you’re stagnant in nature, you die.” -Martin Dunkerton

Moby behind Love and Loss

“The thing that has surprised me most is that we’re surprised that people die or we’re surprised that things end because everything ends.”-Richard Melville

Justin Taylor Phillips Behind Crywolf

“The most important rules that I learned with being able to cope with depression is to not see sadness as something negative because when you see it as negative, you fight against it. When you see it as uniquely beautiful…so positive and so poetic, then the sad parts of life are just as important as the happy things.” -Justin Phillips

Tim Ringgold Behind Music Therapy

“But when I got to be that soundtrack for Bella coming into life, in the operating room, and then in the afterlife, from the hospital room, as a daddy, who in that other moment felt useless, I realized, what daddy wouldn’t give his arm to provide that much use for his daughter…”- Tim Ringgold

Jessica Wen Behind Light Therapy

“…Allow myself to grieve, allow myself to cry, allow myself to call myself ‘stupid,’ and curse a little bit if I have to, but then after that, now I need to forgive. ‘I love myself.’ I found it it is easier to forgive others, even my enemies who betrayed me, than to forgive myself.” -Jessica Wen.

Dream Rockwell Behind Lucent Dossier Experience

“I poured my pain into my work and I poured my love into my work, cause for me, the most painful thing when a relationship ends abruptly is that what do you do with all that love that you’re still holding? So I poured all that love into a show for Lucent and just poured it in there, and the pain too, it was all there.” -Dream Rockwell.

Paul Case Behind the Punchline

“The first solo show that I wrote was about love’s loss, bad sex and romance stories so I just took the experience of something and the things that were heartbreaking at the time, and tried to find humor in them…” -Paul Case

I’m Transforming…

Shadow Boxing

She’s irritated because she can’t fix it. She wants to help them. She wants it to stop. She thinks that by pointing it out, they can see it, then change it. But it doesn’t work that way.
In fact, the opposite happens. It reinforces and pushes people away. Like a mirror to medusa’s ugly face. Nobody wants to smell their own shit.


Give Me Space

In that empty space, she attempts to fill with colors, adventure, sex, but she knows deep down that these are all distractions. The truth of the matter is that the empty space is designed to remain empty, laid bare so from that void, we may discover the truth. Underneath what is expressed on social media and created for social pretension was a hurt girl who had somehow created the illusion that she doesn’t deserve love.


“Move Energy” | Josephina Bashout

"He started to move energy, and he started to pick up on things that I had never told him or anyone, and as he was feeling into my energy it started to get me to believe. As he started healing in my heart, he told me 'You have a very heavy heart, so much sadness, You've been forgiving, but you still need to let go of forgiveness. You're still holding onto it.' And he asked me to call out the names of the people that I needed to forgive...." -Josephina Bashout

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“Forgive” | Kweisi Gharreau

“Well, when I state that I was soaked in hate on a cesspool of my negative emotions, it’s because those are natural emotions that we all experience. The challenge is once you experience those emotions, how do we transcend ourselves from that to grow beyond that hate and anger and bitterness and inner turmoil?”

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“Street Art” | Crywolf

“When you feel sadness and you see it as something that’s negative, then you fight against it, and it leads you into this hopeless spiral of depression. But when you see it as something that’s uniquely beautiful, just as beautiful as joy...the sad parts of life are just as beautiful as the happy parts of life, if not more, in my opinion.” —Justin Taylor Phillips

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“Surrender to the Pain” | Indigo River

“All of that expansiveness of feeling so deeply, which is a gift that we get to feel deeply.”—Jamee Kyson
“My perspective on pain is that it is neither good nor bad, it simply is an emotion, and it’s always showing us, always teaching us.”—Larisa Gosela

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The Women of Woogie & Water Balloons

It’s all filtered by the colors of the tapestry—it’s rainbow. It’s not that we’re color blind or gender blind to our differences —biologically, physically, emotionally—it’s that gender differences do exist and in its existence, comes a multiplexity of expressions constantly defining and refining us.


kweisi gharreau

Behind Innocent Rage

After his brother, Lamont, had been murdered in cold blood, kweisi gharreau had to grapple with the intense hatred towards black on black violence, the two killers he had to face during trial and himself for failing to protect his little brother. He was on a path towards self-destruction with alcohol, drugs and sex until he discovered poetry and the spoken word to express his anger towards what happened.


Further Future

Discovering Further Future 002

Written by MJZ Wanderlust All Photos by Jacab Avanzato Friday, April 29, 2016 As Angelie crosses the three-mile trek towards Further Future’s campsite, the sandstone plateau, baked golden from the Nevada sun, swallows her like Oculus Rift. The rich blue sky greets the dusk as the wind glides over the horizon. Out in the distance,…


Soul on Ice


The Interview Ras Kass on Letting Go “Those are social things that affect how you perceive the world, and, of course, they either make you resent, they make you angry, or they break your spirit.”- Ras Kass  The Journalist’ Journal Soul on Ice by Benjamin Villanueva Resonations His voice resonates within BV’s ears. The words…



by Code Stuff The lyrics of Crywolf’s “Stay” took me back to that place when I had Marlen in my arms. Feeling her breath on my chest as I gently stroke her hair. Her hands, her touch, her presence just put me in bliss. So as I am listening to Crywolf vocals I find my…




Interview with Shrine “I had a lot of those moments, but that was the one that stands out as being kind of like, you’re either going to do this or you’re not. And it’s like, ‘why can’t you do this’? Because your grandmothers. That’s not going to change. So in that moment, it became clear…...

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Embarrassing Confessions of a Marine Lieutenant

Excerpts From: Donny O’Malley. “Embarassing Confessions of a Marine Lieutenant.” iBooks. Preface Until I went to combat, making my buddies laugh excited me more than anything else in life. (Well, that’s not entirely true. Before combat, nothing has ever excited me more than a fully conscious woman who’s willing to sleep with me.) Once I…



Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising By Echolutions I met Josie at Native Springs Oasis the last week of October where a weekend festival, Shadows of Light, was taking place. I had an open mind & camera in hand while I explored the beautiful basin meadow near Lake Isabella. There we danced & sang around a community bonfire. We…


Glitter Gold

Glitter Gold In the Forrest, I look upon the pine trees that whisper secrets of its peace of mind In this space, I look upon the eyes of a young girl secrets of her fears appear In the clearing, I look upon the colors of her old soul secrets of her miracles glitter gold. Mingjie…


Music Therapy and IMNF

“Well-adjusted, totally balanced people tend to not feel compelled to make music.” -Moby With a total of 12 albums and multiple international music awards on top of a Billboard Music Award for Electronic Artist of the Year, Moby didn’t limit himself to music [x]. Written by Nancy Yeang Moby has been a continued activist in…



I held her closely, just glad she was alive. She cried into my shirt, and I whispered sweet nothings to her until her ride came. Her step mother arrived 10 minutes later, followed by the friends who drove me. It hurt to see her go home, but I was glad she was alive.

If you asked her to tell the story, she would exaggerate it into something silly and less romantic. She would remember things oddly, and wasn’t sentimental. Years later, she and I would break up. She would lie to me, break my trust, betray me, and ultimately cheat on me. In the end, I wasn’t far enough along in my life for her needs.


Surviving Loss

“If I can survive this hell I can survive anything.”-Dr. Sarah Neustadter Jeff Anon’s Journal Entry As Jack hears Sarah say this in a web interview he looks back to this breakup a year ago.  Survival has occurred, but barely.  He thinks what she says is probably true, though is a year’s survival enough?  Is…



Silence in the car. Kyle is with me, and he is silent as well. Usually, he sings along to popular hits in a sarcastic falsetto. But I turned the radio off as we got closer to Redondo Avenue. The silence suits us, though. We can be silent and still feel comfortable being in each other’s…


The Color of Breath

There’s a little sunlight streaming through the words YOGA. Upstairs, a dimly lit room is filled with bodies, frozen in repose. They stir a little, guided by a voice coming out of the darkness. “Your only job for the rest of your life is to be able to hear your breath,” the voice says. “When…


The New Deal

I moved to DC with my boyfriend over 4 years ago. At the time, we had our future together planned out. After some family turmoil, he left his job, family and me to pursue his opportunities elsewhere and to deal with his issues. In the process, he walked all over me and treated me like…


Discovering Happiness

Getting a house car and everything everyone wants in life and feeling empty. Then the discovery that materials don’t bring happiness selling everything and living everyday to the fullest. Discovering happiness comes from helping others that’s the true meaning of life.

Birds of a Feather

I love my sister, Terry, more than anything in the world. She is my bestest best best bud. And everyday we get excited about how lucky and thankful we are to have spent every year of our lives with our best friend. We’ve worked almost every job together, had slumber parties almost all of our…


Becoming Me

In 2010 I was at a dance even in Portland. Outside I was tazed, pepper sprayed and beat by the Portland police. The whole very long experience left me with PTSD and very afraid of expressing myself and existing in the world. I won the lawsuit against them but the fear lingers on. I know…


When You Least Expect It

The first time I went to the Shambhala Music Festival in British Columbia, Canada I went with a really close friend of mine. By the end of the festival we were in a relationship. It was the most magical experience I had ever had at that point. This girl was someone who I never thought…


Freeing My Spirit

Last year after Shambhala my B.F. broke up with me because I was too much of a free spirit. So, I fell apart. But you gave me something that I kept for a long time. You told me to change because some people can & I did I changed for the better. So good bye…


Lost in Love

*Alejandro was the first person I loved, the first person I made love to, and gave everything to. I was stupidly in love. Lost in his eyes, expecting everything from him, except for being left. When he left me I died inside, but had hope to get him back. It didn’t happen. I always think…


Skip a Beat

You have introduced me to new ways to experience life,
You have shown how much you support my decisions in life,
And you have taught me to look at my challenges as goals


Never Be Just Her Friend

I just kicked out the third girl this week. And they know what I’m calling for I’m not trying to cuddle. When they get kicked out it isn’t that subtle. I’m only 16 but I’m living life big. Because girls know I don’t know what love is And girls know exactly where my house is…


Twin Flames

We were the best couple on the outside. Whenever we went to parties or clubs, we would have fun, drink, dance and chat with other people. Whenever we went on vacation with other couples, we would be the ones breaking up the couple drama from others. We both had money and would buy each other…



The tick-tocking explodes in my ears. Day mares happen that recognize fears. I see nothing, but blackness ahead. Am I sleeping or could I be dead? Conscience cell-blocks, keep me in a daze. Time-woven collars, steady my gaze. Cold sweat runs down my neck, My mind is a disproportional wreck. Each second a day in…


Missing You

Driving in your neighborhood once in a while I look for you I don’t know why years have passed since our last contact our last touch our last kiss It’s all crazy I am a light stalker I am a lunatic It’s time to move on I have tried… A dozen other girls but nothing…



Although depression lurks all around my mind and have been finding it difficult at times to even want to open the blinds and let a new day in, I recently came to realize that a friends pain dwarfs mine in comparison. The pain of a broken heart is the hurt you can’t see past and…



Gutted A long drive back. Your hand rests heavily on my thigh; Your other clamps the top of the wheel. “I’m sorry,” you say. “But hey, it’s over now. We’ll be fine.” You turn to me, “You okay?” I don’t want to see your face. I turn my head and focus on the scenery. The…


The Haiku

Tendrils of sorrow
hang suspended
veiled in pain
cocooned icy cold

The Light Within the Dream

When Dream Rockwell opened the doors of her home to TLS, she also opened the depths of her heart for the rest of the world. By Sooean Chin “What a wonderful concept,” she said. As the Chairwoman of Cuddle the World—an organization that brings teddy bears, musical instruments, blankets and toys to underprivileged and orphaned…


My Brother

It’s been a while since you’ve been gone Things just haven’t been the same, This just does not seem real, And who is there to blame? Do not question god, that’s what they say, But who can explain why they took my big brother away? I miss you so much; I have so much to…


Gluing Together the Pieces

I gave my heart to my first love, and when he broke it I shattered in a million pieces. I thought he was the one, and I pictured us having a future together. I realize now that he never really cared for me. I was a stepping stone for him to become the more accomplished…


Keeping It Real

I met my current boyfriend by chance. We met at a party, and he asked me out to a Garth Brooks concert 15 minutes later. That night at the concert, we never left each other’s sides, and have never spent a day apart for 6 months until this past November. He is different from my…


Electrical Circuits

We do not have one soul-mate; when we allow ourselves to truly connect, our souls begin mating; not merely making love but naturally expressing the truest depths of our nature. Like an electrical circuit we were made to share love.


An unrecieved letter

I had just returned from a twenty day trip and my girlfriend was angry at me. I thought it was the normal anger that comes from a partner whose business causes him to be away from home for such a long period time. It’s hard on the one who stays back. I made it up…


The New Narrative

The sudden news of a love child unexpectedly conceived with her first love struck her like lightning. Though her first love had always been there to support her through her battle with epilepsy — it was already a year and a half into the relationship when things were already becoming difficult.  By Jennie Nguyen Fights…


The Redemption

  Strength, faith, compassion. Wisdom, truth, integrity. Unfailing grace, humility, selflessness. Persistence, competence, resilience. Loyalty, appreciation, magnanimity. Dedication, joy, friendship. Love. By Leila Pari These words embody my mother. Her love and the qualities she possesses have shaped my life. “All I am or hope to be I owe to my angel mother” – Abraham…



The Documentary Journal It took me a long time to finally get here. Vignettes pulled from journal entries, pictures, and poignant events that inspired the founding of The Love Story. Writing is cathartic. Just like surfing, snowboarding, mountain climbing, skydiving, bungee-jumping, and floating in the middle of the ocean–all of which I have experienced through…


No Regrets

I fell in love in a heartbeat, and didn’t regret it for a second. He taught me not to regret anything that had happened between us, but rather to embrace it and let it shape who I have become today. I miss him every time I think of him, my heart yearns for him to…


You were my favorite.

I hoped we could be friends from a distance, in the least. But things dwindled and he seemed to have let go of me before I even realized. I made him a bracelet and put all my love in there hoping I would weave myself into his life wherever he goes. Now I want to let go because holding on isn’t going to make me happy. Loving someone is being able to let go so they can live their lives.


I Keep on Falling

It was right after Shay “Ché” Best-Dukes released her album, Love Seasons, that she had her first heartbreak. She was trembling, nauseous, and  in a state of utter disbelief. By Elin Ekdahl She knew she should be happy. Despite knowing the audience here in Taipei was anxious to see her and her band perform after…


The One who Got Away

 Abnormal is his norm. By Mingjie Zhai, photo by Eisen Chang The cracks delved deep into his smile – a look that surmised he’d seen a few things in his life. His past couldn’t hide it anymore than his tall stature could in this dimly lit room. He has suffered losses–in different ways and capacities.…


The Constant in spite of the Change

We met again after some time apart. You caught my attention immediately and I knew we would spend some time together. You stayed in the city for me when you didn’t want to return back east. Even though you would never admit that I was your reason. We spent everyday together and said our ‘I…


On Love

What I truly learnt this last time about love and being ‘in love’ is that I have to hold that light first for myself and truly take care of myself before I can give to another. I learnt that Boundaries are Love and that Letting Go is also Love. I learnt that a broken heart…


See the Clues

Sometimes it takes things to fall apart so new things can come together. In every breakup there is always a deep feeling of loss and rejection. However, notice the subtle clues of the universe and see what their role in your life is. Either a reason or a season. Sometimes, people’s seasons are up. 26…



I built my life believing in a idea of love. I fell in love with a woman and worshipped her and built the most amazing friendship I ever had. We were so close, we have matching tattoos. I slept with her sister. I destroyed the foundation I built. I shattered my existence. It was the…


How Beautiful it Could Be

I need to let him go. I want to quit feeling like I’m not beautiful enough. I wanted so badly to be with you and take you into me but you weren’t there with me. Now I need to stop making excuses and put you away. It’s been so long, it’s too bad you didn’t…