Transform your pain into passion & your love loss into a love story.

We are a non-profit new media digital and print publisher that inspires the broken hearted to transform their pain into passion.

We believe that we are all artists at heart and in the act of creating art to express our grief, we are able to transform self-destruction into self-expression.

You may be lost, be you are not alone. 

We interview people who have transformed their pain into passion so you may feel validated and inspired to discover your inner artist in the process of feeling lost.

Nothing is Wrong with You

We view emotions like depression, anxiety, despair, etc. as a natural process for our personal and spiritual growth. Pushing through our challenges in life are what tempers the sword of our spirit. We provide stories so you can discover your narrative in others. By watching these interviews, you will began to realize that you are perfect in your process, even when that process seems at times unbearable and pointless.

Break your Heart Open

There is a point to heartbreak, though you may not see it while in the middle of breaking. We encourage you to keep breaking your heart until it opens. We provide interactive art journals to give you space, time, and permission to process your grief, process your pain, and process your loss into a love story.


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You may be lost, but you are not alone.
Transform your Loss into a Love Story

Andrea Saenz behind Dolce Ardor

“I saw Tool in ’01. I’ll never forget. It was a day a lot of things shifted for me. I went through a deep deep spiritual experience. I cried for about two hours during their show.”- Andrea Saenz

Indigo River Behind “Let Go”

“I realize that I am fully living my dreams. It just didn’t look like how I thought it would when I was five years old, so it’s letting go of what my life should look like for me to be “successful.” -Larisa Gosla

Kera Armandariz Behind “Snakes”

“If it’s a song where I can put myself in the moment, or like, allow myself to open up to people while playing, really looking into the eyes of everyone and just, like, exposing myself, it’s wonderful. It really is. I feel that we’re connected at that moment. I just do what’s genuine for me and if it catches with one person, great. I have had people tell me that it’s helped them. It’s wonderful to hear. I don’t care about money. Because…that’s what this world needs.” -Kera Armendariz

Lucas David Behind “People Are Strange”

“I think art saves lives because…it’s like when you say, ‘Oh, I love air,’ when you go out. For example, when you are hot in here and you go outside, the air is amazing and cold. I think it’s something like that…it’s just a way of distracting yourself and giving your life a purpose.” -Lucas David

Larisa Gosla Behind “A Place Called Home”

“That’s where the song came from… Everything that I experienced and saying, ‘I know what it is to suffer and I know what it is to love, and at the end of the day, I’m so grateful for everything because there is love’ and you know, when we lose love, it’s always worth it because of the experiences we gain from it.”-Larisa Gosla

Krista Richards Behind Broken

“…I remember being in the shower and falling to the floor, sobbing, crying. My heart was being ripped out of my chest. I just knew that he was with somebody else. Something had happened, and sure enough, when he came back from his trip, he told me that he had fallen in love.” -Krista Richards.

Kiyoshi Shelton Behind “I Am the Light”

“…Calling friends up, my brothers, you know, old mentors I looked up to, telling them how I felt and [asking them] what they went through to go through it…you just got to stay busy. I danced, did yoga, worked out, wrote music, wrong songs….” -Kiyoshi Shelton.