Turn Your Pain into Passion

Our Mission

Discover your inner artist in heartbreak and choose the path of self-expression.

The Love Story fuses journaling and journalism so you may arch your hero’s character in the personal journey of love. 

Discover Your Narrative

Discover Your Narrative through Artist-Inspired Journaling

Leveraging the power of 1 Corinthians 13, Verse 12, “For now we see as a reflection, as in a mirror,” begin journaling from the intimate, authentic, and raw conversations that resonate with you.

  • “It’s a cool moment if the song is good, especially if it has a deeper meaning to it.” -Sam Woolf

  • “It can be as simple as just having a little corner in your room where you have a light and a book like the Neverending Story…” -Spooki Tavi

  • Roman: What is real power?
    Drue: “Real power is the ability to change something or someone, but the greatest power is indeed love.” 

  • “It was about that deepest part of myself that I don’t have words to describe, but I can relate myself to things, whatever those things are.” -Collin James Martin.

  • “…letting the expression just move through you rather than just trying to craft an identity for yourself.” -Random Rab

Connect with Kindred Strangers

The Associate Producer’s Program

Experience catharsis through multimedia Journal-artism.

Learn how to pitch, produce, and publish.

Join The Love Story Creatives in our collective stand for Pain to Passion Transformations.

The Love Story Journals

Gift a Hard Copy Journal

The Love Story Journal is the first interactive journal in the world to address heartbreak through Artist-Inspired Journaling. Volume 1 comes with a special hardback edition that includes 80 videos from 40 artists and two softcover editions, one focusing on pain, and the other focusing on passion.

Break Your Heart Open (softcover)
Focuses on Pain

What's Inside?

Break Your Heart Open (Softcover)
Focuses on Passion

What's Inside?

The Love Story Journal volume 1 (Hardcover)

The Love Story Hardcover journal is dual-titled (“Break Your Heart Open” and “The Art of Transformation”) and contains 80 video interviews of 40 artists sharing story, with 80 journaling prompts designed to inspire catharsis, and 330+ beautifully illustrated pages for you to sketch, draw, paint, write, and create from.

Download "Live Portrait" app and scan over this illustration and watch it turn into a video.
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